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M'ath! Kisha Ezoki Lekhes Dothraki!

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So,  I run a language school in Makati City, Philippines,  and I'm planning to offer Dothraki as a special course.  :)  I and a few other future Dothraki teachers are learning it together first,  we're only on our first week,  but it's been fun so far!  Nice to meet you all,  I think we'll be hanging out here quite a bit in the near future.

Zhey Wyzr,
    Sorry for the slow response. I was out with our local astronomy club, doing an astronomy festival for a local National Park.
    What a cool idea, to off er a Dothraki course! Are you using David Peterson's Dothraki book?
    Activity on the forums is kind of spotty, but there is a wealth of useful (and up-to-date. despite what dates might be on it) information on the wiki.
    Don't hesitate to ask questions. I'm not the greatest Dothraki speaker, but there are a couple other folks here, who are really sharp at the language.

Dothras Chek!

Gosh darn there's all of sudden a lot of stuff here on the forums. Language school at Philippines possibly offering a course on Dothraki. Whoa. That's something. As Hrakkar said, use wiki, use David's book and ask questions in a non-hesistating manner. I'm one of the roundabout couple of folk that are fairly sharp with the language. Don't depend on my availability, but I more often than not frequent this forum often. And when I'm here, I love to be helpful.

San athchomari yeraan zhey Qvaak ma zhey Hrakkar!

Have to admit it's slow going-- the way the book is organized makes it hard to memorize words since they're from all over the place. We're all language teachers, (different languages) and usually when learning/teaching a new language it's better to present in thematic/situational  chunks-- today we're talking about food (food verbs and nouns, ordering in a restaurant), etc etc.

Despite that though still having fun with the language. We may have to come up with our own material when we start teaching classes. :)

M'athchomaroon zhey Wyzr !

Can you publish your works ?

I'm very interesting by a Dothraki course ! Do you will offer a distant learning ?


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