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Caroline Targaryen:
Athchomar chomakea.  My name is Caroline Targaryen.  I am so happy to be on the site.  I am actually cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen for a convention and wanted to learn Dothraki and Valyrian for a while now.  I hope that everyone will excuse me for not doing this whole post in Dothraki or Valyrian.  Still learning how to speak both languages.

G'day, zhey Caroline.

Welcome. If-n-when you do feel you've learned enough to give a stab at an actual conversation in Dothraki or Valyrian, there are stickied threads in both language beginners sections. It's a new thing we're trying, because, frankly, a conversation level reading/writing is a challenge to absolutely everyone.

Caroline Targaryen:
I actually plan to do that.  I have to get my Dothraki and Valyrian up to par by the end of September even though I will continue to work hard to learn dothraki and valyrian anyways.  I have not got a chance to get the living languages book for Dothraki and I was curious if the dictionary on here was mostly up to date?

I think the vocab page here is pretty well up to date, and the pdf dictionary should not be far behind, if at all. The vocabulary list on the Living Languages book is actually rather small in comparison to our web page's. The book does not sport a wide scope, rather it's a solid, concice view to the core of Dothraki.

Caroline Targaryen:
So is the book even worth getting?


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