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Greetings, i'm from Venezuela and i'm pleased to initiate me into this forum. I hope to have a long and useful stay and make new friends.

In spanish:

Saludos, soy de Venezuela y estoy complacido de iniciarme en este foro. Espero tener una estadía útil y larga y hacer nuevos amigos. (Escribo en español porque he notado que hay personas de habla hispana)


M'ath, zhey Jon Snow Its good to have you in the Dothraki/Valyrian community! You have picked a good user name, one I am surprised hasn't been taken yet!

I am guessing from your signature that your primary interest is Valyrian. Most of the Valyrian activity is on the wiki, although the more active Valyrian folks (Mad Latinist in particular) check the forums from time to time. But feel free to jump in here and participate, ask questions, etc.!

Thanks Hrakkar. I was surprised myself to write my nickname when i checked in and was accepted on the first try. Sorry for my English, my native language is Spanish. Hajas!

Also, I really appreciate the atmosphere of encouragement, sharing and experimentation on the boards. 
There are some truly exceptional artists here.

I anticipate great information and content of this site as well.


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