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Changes to firewall rules
« on: August 19, 2013, 12:44:24 pm »
As many of you know, the Dothraki/Valyrian website, wiki, forums and dictionary are graciously hosted for us by on their server. Due to incessant problems with Chinese web crawlers (that Marki discussed with me during AvatarMeet), the firewall protecting this server had to be altered to reject inquiries from these web crawlers. Although unlikely, this could affect some legitimate Chinese users of this site. I will quote Learnnavi system administrator Marki here, who provides some more background on this, and what to do if a Chinese user does inadvertently get locked out:

Unfortunately owing to the total inability of the Chinese censorship webcrawlers (aka the "great firewall of China) to follow the robot rules set on the domain and their incessant slamming of our resources, I have had to add a deny filter for the IP range of There is a distinct possibility that this may deny access to some of our Chinese tsmuk, although I am hoping this IP prefix is just for the crawlers.  If anyone hears of any LN soaia that have been denied, please let me know at [email protected] so I can add some specific allows for them.


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