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Chaf Valsh ma Shekh
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:53:46 am »
Hey, look, I made a Dothraki version of one of the oft tried conlang test texts, an Aesop tale The North Wind and the Sun. Compared to the biblical stuff like Tower of Balbel text and Pater Noster this tale has benefits of being both natural, flowing language and of vocab that is congruent with GRRM's world and Dothraki culture. I think my attempt is quite simple language and for most part also taking it safe, avoiding unsure grammar and vocab, so you might like to see, if you can read it; or if you'd like to question my choices; or if you can bash me for all the errors I made.

The version I used as a base is, though I soon gave up translating and decided just to tell the same story with my own words.

Chaf Valsh ma Shekh

Ma chaf valsh ma shekh kis akkelenish, hash che chaf valsh ahajana shekhoon che shekh ahajana chafoon. Mahrazh ver vi osaan qisi ashefa rekke, majin mori azhish, meme fini vil ekkhogarae verakes anajaha. Chaf Valsh itte athhajar moon atte, majin me ho k'athivezhofari. Vosma kash chaf ahasana, kash verak onde qemmosores sekke k'athhethkari. Chaf Valsh kis et jin arrekaan ei athzalar som, majin me azh meshekh kis ekkhogarae verakes. Majin shekh sekke asafazhanoe ahhaz, majin hash verak nem affazh, hash me ev ejervat qemmoes ray, majin me vatter nakhaan me nem assil k'athafazhari. Me ekhogara qemmoes nakhoki ajjin, ma kijinosi me e zerqolataan ashefasaan.
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