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--- Quote from: Titstewan on January 23, 2016, 09:13:26 pm ---Kaltxì ma frapo! or Athchomar chomakea!

(...) I have installed the word description modification (the maroon text). 8)
Just hoover your mouse on it and the translation/hidden text will be shown. :)

The synthax is:
[desc=text or translation]text[/desc]

In the editor, there is also a button for it, of course:

EDIT: And now also a spoiler mod 8) :
Spoiler: TextText
--- End quote ---

ADMIN NOTE: Unlike LearnNavi, this board does not support the desc or spoiler tag. I am looking into why this is so, and will try to get it fixed. So, this means, if you post an English (or other language) translation of what you wrote in Dothraki, you will have to post it in the clear.  Posting a translation is optional, but it does help other learners!  Also, please post untranslatable words in curly braces {  }, rather than braces, as braces are used to denote BB code.

This is a thread for talking in Dothraki, just so we can get a bit of practise with it. Feel free to put words that don't have a Dothraki translation yet like {this}. Also, feel free to correct other people's Dothraki in English under what you're saying in Dothraki so we can all learn from each other.

I guess I'll start then…

M'athchomaroon. Hash yer dothrae chek?

M'athchomaroon! Anha ishish. Anha nemo anneva, majin anha chafak. Anha kis ezok kirekosi frakhok haji athjeraroon. Ei jini meshi anhaan. Astolates yeri. Hash yer dothrae chek?

Anha vo dothrok chek. Atthirar chonga ma anha sekke hagak.

Sorry, I'm still pretty new to Dothraki, I've been learning for about a week and I know about 50 words, but unfortunately very few of those 50 words came up in what you said. I thought with using the dictionary and the wiki I'd be able to work out what you said, but I'm still not really sure what you said, can I have a translation please?

Yer asti k'athjilari. Atthirar laz ittee vojis k'athostari fini gera atherinaroon. Anha zalak melekh dothraki adavrae yeraan. Ezolat lekhes vilajero esina, majin me'sh azha athmithrar.

Earlier: Hiya. I'm so-and-so. I've left myself sitting, and so am a mercenary. I'm trying to find out how I feel about trading. That is all new to me. Let's talk about you. How are you doing?
Work related vocab is scarce. I even suspect one of the few words we have, thikh, is actually just misrecorded tikh. Much of the meanings we'd need in modern framework probably just don't exist in Dothraki culture. I appreciate the option for bracketed English words, but nevertheless feel it's better for me to find ways to say things within the vocab we have where at all possible. This does lead to some added complexity in sentences, though, which can be kinda bad - or maybe even good?

Zhey Qvaak, there is really nothing wrong with doing that. When they did this on the Na'vi forums, the users quickly determined that the initial rules were not the optimal rules and adapted. There was a little fuss, but everyone eventually got over with it. I expect this thread to adapt in a similar manner. Although I tried to borrow the best ideas from the Na'vi conversation thread, there's always a chance it isn't perfect. If we can get the 'desc' BBcode tag working, it will be possible to do what you describe, and see a translation by just hovering your mouse pointer over the word.

Another interesting feature now on the Na'vi forums is the ability to easily put an audio recording of what you said in the message. Considering that Dothraki is a spoken language, this would be a good future addition here, as well. The media framework we need to do it is already here, but is sldom used.


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