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Dothraki Language Updates / Re: Dothraki Survey
« Last post by Reuben22 on January 16, 2018, 02:16:31 pm »
1.   What is your age? 34
2.   What is your gender? male
3.   What is your educational level? Masters degree in Fine Arts (Creative Writing)
4.   What is your nationality? I'm multi-ethnic (Black, Indigenous American, and others)
5.   Have you ever studied linguistics or related subjects? Yes, part of my major in undergrad was Linguistics
6.   Do you consider yourself a Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fan? Yes
7.   How long have you been learning Dothraki? over 2 years now
8.   What would you consider your proficiency level to be? Proficient in reading and hearing, getting better at speaking.
9.   What methods have you used for learning Dothraki? Memrise e-courses, independent study, translating
10.   Why do you study Dothraki? All sorts of reasons! Mostly I find it fun. I work in a demanding field and it's important to carve out time for hobbies. In undergrad, one group assignment I had was to create a language in small teams and attempt to get fluent in it. This was one of my favorite class projects and I still remember some of the ritual prayers and chants we made up.
On a more personal level, I identified with the Dothraki people on the show but not their portrayal. I saw them, like all Indigenous peoples, as being represented through a colonial lens, and not in their own words. When the language was released I was excited to learn about them through their own (albeit fictional) tongue.
Also, as someone who grew up with Indigenous roots but for complicated family/historical reasons, doesn't have official tribal affiliations, I've always wanted to get more in touch with Indigenous languages but at the same time didn't want to culturally appropriate them. With Dothraki, there's no fear of cultural appropriation, for me at least.
11.   Do you feel that there is a Dothraki culture and if so, are you a part of it? Please explain. Yes, I do. We have some community here on this message board. But also, learning Dothraki on my own, affords me to build out some of my own culture too. There's also a Dothraki Altas that Choyosor and I are working on.
12.   What would you describe as the most important aspects of the development of the Dothraki language? I'm excited for how speakers are changing/adding/mutating the language. David Peterson is still the foremost expert, but with time I hope we as a community can significantly build on to it.
13.   In which way do you think Dothraki has been influenced/changed by the fact that the language now is used for human communication? Recently, some one, I think Choyosor posted the root words all at once and i think this is super helpful in the creation of new words and manipulation of current words.
14.   Do you think that any Dothraki speakers or the related Web sites have influenced David Peterson in coining new words or developing new grammar? Please give examples. I don't actually follow David Peterson that closely. But I did create my own words for cell phones, tv, computers and screen technology.
15.   Do you think the Dothraki language, as known today, has all the vocabulary and all the grammar that is necessary for extensive human communication in all fields of life? Please give examples. I do because although there aren't words for automobiles/air planes etc. We can create our own based on our understanding of how the Dothraki people would create words for those objects.
16.   Do you think Dothraki will need more speakers to survive as a language? Probably
17.   How do you think Dothraki can attract more speakers? I think this will be super local. I teach my friends and family words here and there and find ways to bring the language into my daily life. Eventually, those around will pick up more and it'll expand.
18.   How do you think Dothraki will develop in the future? I get excited about using Dothraki in activist circles as a language of "the resistance" but it's been slow going.
19.   Do you have any other comments on the development of the Dothraki language? Not right now but I'll PM you.
Dothraki Language Updates / Re: New words created for Amikumu
« Last post by Hrakkar on January 11, 2018, 02:51:13 pm »
I wonder if we should consider setting up a wiki dictionary for these new words, of course pointing out they are fan created and definitely not canon.

David Peterson is also very busy with a family and several other projects, I'm sure. I bet David would like to see what you have done as well.
Dothraki Language Updates / Re: New words created for Amikumu
« Last post by Choyosor on January 10, 2018, 10:55:46 am »

Amikumu Dothraki will be launched for Android phones sometime this week! The app will include a glossary of the 150 or so new words I constructed for the modern terms of our world, just so you don't get confused by words not found anywhere else (also so that you don't have to dig through this forum to find the definition and can just stay on the app).

I'll admit that my translations may not be 100% perfect, but it is still perfectly legible to any competent Dothraki speaker.  I said originally that I plan to edit everything and check my grammar over in the next month or so, but I think I'm going to push it back until the summer. I'm doing this because I didn't realize that they were ready to get it uploaded right away for one, and second I have school to focus on for the next couple months. This is good, though, because now this means my time opened up to work on my other passion projects for Dothraki, like the Atlas and dictionary updates.  Hopefully Reuben22 will be available to work too and we can make some serious progress on the project.

Here's a link to download the app:


Dothraki Language Updates / Re: New words created for Amikumu
« Last post by Choyosor on January 09, 2018, 02:34:02 am »

More words!

Jonat vint — To shut, close
Jonolat v — To become shut, to become enclosed
Ajjonat vtr — To shut something
Ajjonolat vtr — To make something become shut, to make something become closed
Kemilat v — to include
k'Athkemizari adv — "Includingly"
Kidilat v — To measure (loan word from High Valyrian)
Athkidizar n — measurement
Kiddiya  — Calculation, computation, logical reasoning
Vikidirat v — To calculate, compute
Kidigache n — dimension
Ethkis v aux — must try to. (used in the context "Shafka'thkis feni save"/"You have to try again")
Lirilekh ni — Letter/number/symbol/glyph/graph; "little language picture"
Acchale adv — At least one, greater than or equal to one (at+che+ale = one or more) "Choose at least one sword"/"Okki arakh acchale"
Yanqak na — Participant
Athhajmenar n — strengthlessness
Athhajar n — strength, status

And that concludes the first round of translation/editing for the Amikumu app!  So far, we have a decently translated language app (certainly not close to perfect though) with a whole bunch of new terms that can only be found on this thread in the forum. My plan is to further edit the translations until they're perfect, make a glossary for the app with all the terms made for Amikumu on it, and then get involved in the advertisement of the launch.  I'll keep you guys updated on what happens!
General Discussion / Song tidbit I composed in Dothraki
« Last post by Choyosor on January 08, 2018, 04:56:53 pm »
M'ath eyak!

I made a little 20 second diddy of a song written in the style I think the Dothraki would most likely develop in their culture.  It's heavily based in Mongolian Tuvan music, made with Eastern instruments and throat singing (something I spent an afternoon learning how to do so I could record this song), but has influences from Africa and the Steppe as a whole.

The lyrics so far go "Anha vo dothrok ma janoon che oqeti akka", which means "I do not ride with dogs nor next to sheep" and is supposed to be a song sung at night after a successful battle; something to flaunt the fact that you were victorious, but not something to rile you up and get you pumped.

I hope you enjoy!

This is an edit from hours later. I elaborated on the song some more and have a rough cut of what it's going to sound like
Dothraki Language Updates / Re: The Dictionary Thread
« Last post by Choyosor on January 08, 2018, 04:40:55 pm »
The wiki word list and dictionary only contain official words that have come from David Peterson, or are vetted by him

What would the process be to get him to vet new words into Dothraki proper? A lot of these words would be incredibly helpful to have as official terms before the Dothraki section of the app launches.

BTW, I am trying to find a weekend to update the dictionary

I apologize for being a little rude with my wording, then. I get too frank with my thoughts and opinions when passionate  :)

It would be interesting to start an unofficial dictionary with non-vetted words, with the understanding it will never be official or canon.

It would be incredibly helpful in so, so many ways if we did make an Unofficial-Official Fan Dictionary. Teaching concepts, drumming up interest, translating apps and things for videos, etc. would greatly benefit the language.

Being one of the moderators and having control of the Dothraki wiki/ dictionary, could you help me in getting some of these ideas and words off the ground and to the attention of DJP? These ideas could send Dothraki leaps and bounds ahead of where we are now, and I would love to see these ideas come to fruition!
Beginners / Re: All Root Morphemes in Dothraki [RESOURCE]
« Last post by Choyosor on January 08, 2018, 04:11:29 pm »
Haha thank you!
Beginners / Re: All Root Morphemes in Dothraki [RESOURCE]
« Last post by Alizia on January 05, 2018, 02:14:28 pm »
Oh god... You're really fool. Good job !
Dothraki Language Updates / Re: The Dictionary Thread
« Last post by Hrakkar on January 02, 2018, 05:56:49 pm »
The wiki word list and dictionary only contain official words that have come from David Peterson, or are vetted by him. BTW, I am trying to find a weekend to update the dictionary. The wiki is pretty much up to date.

It would be interesting to start an unofficial dictionary with non-vetted words, with the understanding it will never be official or canon.
Dothraki Language Updates / Re: The Dictionary Thread
« Last post by Choyosor on December 20, 2017, 03:20:13 pm »
Athcomar chomakea

I'm not sure what the official method of proposing new words is for the community, but since this is the dictionary thread I think I will post my list of created words here so that it can be peer reviewed before being added to the official lexicon.  These words come from the other thread I made about creating words for Amikumu, and I've separated them into two categories; words that can be canon to the Dothraki people of Essos (which is 131 new words currently), and words created for use in our modern world (95 new words). 


Abuse n —Melesitteya (bad bragging)
Access n — Fiechamrah
Add/ Take in v — Qorolat (derived from 'qora')
Advanced adj —Vishven (Forehead-like)
Age ni —Athfozar (old in nominative form)
Another person n — Eshnak
Anyone na — Loyak
Are Already v aux — Nemray (You are already burned = Yer nemray virsae)
Association n — Athsillazar (a following)
Attachment n — Athfenar
Audio n — memikh (result of sound)
Babbling n Athestar
Behavior n — Okki (from the root "choose". Means something like "choice")
Billion n — Akior (Akat+yor)
Biography n — Hoyalathira (life song)
Blocked adj — Najaz
Browser n — Ostik
Bug/ Issue n — Athzireyeser
Call n — Dono
Can Still v aux — Lazin (You can still go = Yer lazin eli)
Can(2) v aux — Lazem (combination of 'laz' and 'nem'. Used in the context 'mori lazem atiha' or 'they can be seen')
Canal/ Channel/ Tunnel n — Zhannakh
Change n — Esinasa
Choice n — Okkakh
Community n — Zhillisir (a collection of the common people)
Condition/Agreement/Deal/Joint decision n — Niyanqooqo (choose together. the [oq] at the end is actually an allomorph of /ok/. Also sounds similar to "heart beating together")
Conference n — Shilisir
Connect/ Conjoin vtr. — Akkemolat (This is used when you, as an outside party, are making a connection between two or more different things)
Connection n — Athakkemar
Consent n — Okkeya
Contact (information) ni —Frakhonesa (touch information)
Contact na — Frakhonesak
Copy n — Savo (derived from 'save')
Copy v — Savolat
Current adj — Vekh
Decisions/ Rules/ Policy n — Athkelenar
Description n — Zohasta
Detail n — Sachia (a little piece)
Dial/ Compass n — Fireshekh (circle of the sun)
Disclaim v — Edonasat
Disclaimer n — Edonasak
Displayed name/ Stage name/ Avatar na— Hakesshie
Distance n — Athhezhahar
Distant adj — Hezhah
Everything ni — Evekh
Exclusivity n — Athdissezar
Experience n — Kalen (derived from 'kelen')
Experience v — Kalenat
Feedback n — Savadakhi (feed again)
Female/Femininity n — Athchiorizar
Fortunate adj — Hloshven
Fortune, Destiny na — Hlosha (compund of hatif "forward" and losh "carry")
Gain Experience v — Kalenolat
Give Experience/ Advise vtr — Akkalenat
Invisibility n — Athchafvenar
Invisible adj — Chafven (wind like)
Key n — Gaccheya (relating to a solution)
Knot n — Liwo(1) (derived from 'liwalat')
Link n — Liwo(2)
List n — Zafranrisa (slave line. Comes from the Dothraki making sure that all the slaves they give to the trade-cities are all together)
Male/Masculinity n — Athmahrazhar
Messenger n — Assak
Middle part/ Intermediate/ Center n — Emmeya (Meronymic of "mra")
Modify v — Esinasilat (a little change)
Must be v aux — Ethem (One must be selected; Ato'them okka)
Native adj — Esifas
Near adj — Qis
Nibble n — Osti
Null adj — Voloy (Vo + loy)
Number n — Yannqeya (part of/relation to a collection)
Option/ Choice n — Athokkar
Paradigm Shift n — Esinneya (a piece of change)
Password n —Asodin (word pass)
Plan v — Kasolat
Plan, scedule, season, segment of time — Ka
Polyglot n — Sanlekhak
Possibility n —Athdevar (able in nominative form)
Privacy n — Athsavidosar
Public adj — Yanqache (collective environment)
Public n — Athyanqachar
Reason (explanation) n — Elze
Refresh v — Vichosherat
Repeat v — Savat
Safety n — Asanda
Service n — Zafrakh
Setting n — Athazzohar (nominal form of 'placement')
Solid adj — Chonge
Solid n — Nachonge (derived from 'chonga')
Solidify vtr — Acchongolat (in the context of the app, it means 'confirm')
Term n — Kelenakh (the final decision)
To access v — Fiechamat
To be null v — Volat
To become attached v — Fenolat
To become null v — Vololat
To become open v — Ovrolat
To browse v — Ostilat (2)
To call/ To summon v — Donolat
To dial v — fireshekhat
To make something attach vtr — Affenat
To make something become open vtr — Ovvrolat
To make something null vtr — Avvolat
To make sounds with your voice/ babble v — Estat (derived from ast-)
To nibble (something) vtr — Osstilat
To nibble v — Ostilat
To open (something) vtr — Ovvralat
To open v — Ovrat
To press v — Kaffolat (continuous crushing)
To vocalize — Estolat
Translate dtr all. — Yomloshat (across carrying. this along with the allative case makes the meaning become "carrying the language to another language")
Trillion n — Senior (Sen + yor)
Tube/ Pipe/ Cane/ Reed n — Zhanna (derived from 'zhani' and Latin root 'canna')
Use v — Davarat (derived from the word 'davra')
Value n — Athmasar
Version n — Esinakh (result of change)
Visibility n — Athechafvenazar
Visible adj — Echafvena
Vocal adj — Este
Vocalization n — Athestozar
Voice n — Estikh
Week na —Fekhashekh (seven day)


Account n — Sansalir (derives from "san")
Airport - Okrechaf
Bank - Okre negwinmas
Barista - Kaffek
Basement - Torgakre
Breakfast - hadaena
Broadcast n — Kadevah (wide net)
Byte n — Lay (derived from 'bit')
Camera na — Renenohha (derived from "renrenoh")
Cellphone n — Memhezhah ovary
Cookie/ Cash (in terms of computers) n — Mozgohhekh
Data n — Mozgohheya
Download n — Mozgohhe (from 'load' [mosk-] and 'downwards' [-zoh]. the /sk/ cluster becomes voiced in the presence of the /z/, creating the [zg] allophone)
E- prfx — Q-
File na — Neseser
GB n — Akioray (billion byte)
Iceland prop n — Rhaesheserejesh (land of ice)
Interface n — Kashatif (amongst the face)
Internet na — Qosarreya (web. shortened from the euphemism "the human's web")
KB n — Dalenlay (thousand byte)
MB n — Layof (great byte)
Poland propernoun — Ramarhaesh (Land land)
Profile na — Khadoqem (cloth body. Meant to convey the meaning of presenting a personal, but not entirely authentic, version of yourself)
Register v int — Savezalat
Server n — Idrik
TB n — Senioray (trillion byte)
Telephone n — Memhezhah
Text n — Tekse
To become downloaded v — Mozgoholat
To broadcast v — Kadevat
To download something vtr — Ammozgohat
To download v — Mozgohat
To text (someone) vtr — Atteksat
To text v — Teksat
Type v — Namovat (derived from 'move')
Typing n — Namov
University n — Eziversharra (continuously traditional/ancient learning. Meant to sound similar to the actual word University)
Video n — Tihivithikh (the result of flowing sight)
Voice message ni — Assomemikh (sound word)
Bus - Rhaggatven
Bus stop - Ok'rhaggaven
Car - Rhaggat
Cashier - Masak
Cellar - Hadaekre
Clock - Kashikh
Comb - Vosh
Construction worker (anything related to construction) - Movek
Contraception - Yolnakho
Deoderant - achramenakh
Dinner - Saffa
Door - emmreya
Fireman - Lajvorsak
Glasses - Fenstih
Graveyard - Gach'addrinegwin
Headphones - Chahare
Hearing aid - Khewochar
Highway - Osven
Hospital - Okrekoal
Kitchen - Jolinokre
Library - Okretimvir
Living room - Thirokre
Lunch - Yoch
Mall - Jeserven
Marijuana (light drugs) - Ferreya
Museum - Okre'zoven
Musician/artist - Ammemak
Notebook - Notimvir
Nurse - Koalaki
Paper - Daeneya
Paperclip - Hethdae
Plane - Rhaggat chaf
Plug - Loge
Police officer - Kasek
Professor - Ezzokven
Prosthetic - Idokhado
Refrigerator - Saffish
Restaurant - Okradakh
Room - okri
Rubberband - Sofoldak
Ruler - Zhokwakh
Shelf - Rayi
Shorts - Qemmishi
Shower - evechaf
Stairs - Tasse
Staple - Chelsitoak
Stapler - Chelsitoakh
Stop sign - Assinakho
Stoplight - Shenakho
Table - Tavle
Teacher - Ezzok
Theater - Okr'amme
Toothbrush - Voshvorto
wardrobe - Gakhderov
Washer/Dryer - Affikh
Zoo - Gache rhoa

I hope you take these proposed words into consideration and that we may include them in future updates of the dictionary!
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